Why I’m Sideways

I am not incompetent, but I cannot figure out how to rotate my profile picture. I assure you that I was not lying down when it was taken, and setting myself sideways was not intentional. It’s also not an artistic gesture or a lame attempt at being unique, I really just can’t figure out how to do it. I’ve looked it up in the Help menu and it was of no help, in fact, it gave me so many steps, about three, that by the time I left Help to do what was suggested, I had forgotten what it had told me to do. This can get old, quickly, especially for someone like me who is interested only in interesting things. I want nothing to do with anything that is boring, and beware because this net changes constantly. I don’t like boring people, boring tasks, boring books, movies, music, conversation, clothes, habits, gatherings, groups, jobs, parties, cars, trips, programs, projects or colors, and if you ever tell me that you think I’m boring, more than likely I will cry. Until this issue becomes more fun for me to resolve, I shall remain sideways in protest. Thank you.


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