Bio: I've never been to the moon. Never wrestled an alligator. Never won a national spelling bee. Never dreamed of being a mathematician. Never thought I would be more comfortable living in a hut. Never answered a direct question directly. Never had the flu until I had a flu shot. Never been bitten by a snake. Never liked Oprah. Never kept a job a didn't like. And, I have never, ever thought Brad Pitt was hot.

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    1. i’m pretty sure that if kids had to learn latin, greek and the classics, the tv industry would collapse, starting with oprah. i think she’s wrecked a generation. what’s your beef w her?


      1. She is just so falsely humble. And I’ve heard stories about her threatening to wreck people’s careers just because they don’t do exactly what she asks. Also, her stupid show about “Her Favorite Things”, is such crap. She’s a billionaire, yet the sponsors are the ones that paid for all those “things”. And people just love to kiss her butt when it comes to her acting, which I think is mediocre at best. I watched the Butler the other day and every was saying how great she was. I thought she was nothing special, and wasn’t that great. The guy that played the Butler was so much better. Other than that not much.


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